A report from a ski trip

We had a bitch of a time dealing with the rope we had stashed in a pack once we reached the fixed lines. We had time and wanted extra acclimatization for skiing. Great views and fun terrain. We never stood in line for more than a few minutes and until late in the day the slopes never got congested.

Utah is simply spectacular for winter sports. But his big heart mostly beats for things outside of racing. We paid a bit extra to fly over the Wickersham. I got up quickly two guys came over while I was down, fortunately, they were on different lines and proceeded onward. A moment where your life changes forever.

Unfortunately snow stability conditions were changing with amazing rapidity. Also we were keeping an eye out for a buddy of ours who we knew should be coming off the West Rib about this time.

It was ungroomed and a bunch of bumps were forming, but skied very well on our fresh legs. Had we more energy perhaps we would have murdered each other. We had a potluck with some folks from another group.

So, When’s the Best Time of Year for a Ski Trip?

We made the top. Otherwise you could just wait for good weather and zip up these things in a day or 2. I chose it after comparing weather predictions, costs, current base, open trails, and vertical ft.

Todd at the top of the Cassin Ridge, Foraker behind. The photography I pulled my good camera and Benbo tripod out and took them both to the top of Comet chair and took a series of photos. We went over to a spot called the edge of the world and looked down into the "Valley of Death".

However it was quite icy. By the time we got to the terrain park, my son decided the goofy experiment was not for him. After two more days of snow and wind we were almost certain that these slopes would be deadly avalanche traps.

I was definitely airborne and I do believe I landed in good form, but on landing I crumpled. We finished off the morning lapping Risky Business and that was a trail that we could rip and practice some racing turns. Fortunately perfect weather was still with us. We took advantage of excellent acclimatisation to do a carry to high camp at 17,' and then promptly packed camp and moved up on a second carry.

There were a few people on the slopes but we were often alone as we skied down a trail. Todd introduced me to his other partner in crime Matt Howard. I try to compartementalize things into separate bags but as I was transitioning from my civvies into my ski gear I would put something down on a convenient flat surface and it would usually get covered over.

This included a wrong turn when we missed one of the roads for the resort. After about 16 hours we made Basecamp and managed to catch the last flight to TAT.

Don't read too much into that we did many things together after this trip and we all stayed friends.

Snow Report

These pages were created to make it easy for you to find everything you may need to enjoy your Salt Lake City Ski Vacation. Seems maybe a few of us are feeling the same way.

Equipment check up top at port in Andalsnes. I was concerned that it would be packed and a real mess.


The summit is assured we ditched the rope, we babbled our way up the summit ridge. Alta is the ultimate skiers' ski mountain. Approximately 55deg the first 20 feet or so. Gear Organization In a word, a chaotic mess. I hope this actually shielding infrastructure The locker room The locker room under the tavern is a typical locker room.

Eye candy I left videos out of the above list on purpose. It was September and we found ourselves high among the peaks of the Chugach mountains with 6 inches of fresh snow on a perfect smooth glacier with no crevasses. • Kids 6 and under Sleep, Ski and Eat Breakfast FREE ANYTIME (up to two kids eat free, per paying adult) *Two kids ages ski free per paying adult under a ski package.

There is a charge for additional children ages Beech Mountain Resort is your go-to North Carolina Ski Resort for year-round run including skiing and snowboarding at a North Carolina Ski Resort.

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Snow Report

We are a non-profit organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, dedicated to promoting affordable alpine skiing for seniors (aged 55+) at all ability levels. Perfect North Slopes is a ski area in Southeast Indiana offering Skiing, Snowboarding and Snow Tubing. We offer ski and snowboard lessons, equipment rental, delicious food options and a ski lodge where you can swap stories about your day on the snow.

Vail: The ultimate Colorado ski resort. Colorado skiing doesn't get any better than here at Vail Resort.

A report from a ski trip
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