A lertter from the trenches

We stayed in that hospital for about two days and then were transferred to trains and brought here to Rouen. As a result of the Defence of the Realm Act that was passed inall letters that the men wrote should have been read and censored by junior officers.

Here is a bit of poetry I made up in the trenches to my mother so don't laugh as it is my first attempt: Although one does not think of it at the time, one does think of it after the excitement is over. Royal Irish Rifles Written: You will have seen in the papers that our attack was a great success.

I am still writing to Mr Gaffikin about his son George. However, seeing that I am going into the firing line once again, I will let you know a little. I cannot tell you all I should like to, as it would never reach you. His own regimental stretcher bearers were carrying and carrying the long mile down to a spot where an ambulance could meet them, in comparative safety.

The Brigade officer says the Rifles have made a name for themselves out here that will go down in history. A brief honeymoon followed. In front of each trench is a parapet made of sandbags, these are more or less bullet proof, but afford little protection from shell fire.

Oh this cruel mud. We enjoyed the cake etc very much. The Germans thought it was impregnable. In manual exercises and in extended order drill in a field I could take none; and they knew it. If you can put out an appeal to those knowledgeable people who read your blog it would be much appreciated.

... Letters from the trenches ...

There is a stream the far side of this - boards have been put across it at intervals but must have fallen in - about 20yd down we can cross. Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world to the present day.

I was removed to a farm until night set in, when I was conveyed to hospital. When one is hauled out on to dry land and dies in the air, then he will know something about it. Any rate I stuck to the water and carried it to the trenches. It was three days before I got my wound dressed by a doctor.

Love to Hilda and the others I know, good luck to you at Mt. We can't understand why his wife doesn't write. May God protect you and all your family.

Letters from the trenches: First World War soldiers in their very own words

I am said to have absolutely no nerves. The contribution made by the Audit office was high: The post is very bad and sometimes one does not get a letter for two or three days.

I know it will be hard but be as cheerful over this parting as possible, and then set out to find a home where perhaps the bread earner has been called away and be a comfort and help to them.

First World War centenary: Letters from the trenches reveal horror faced by our boys

The actual attack began on Saturday night. One had his legs off at the knees, and you could see the joint. I must thank you for what you sent me in your parcel.

However, we have not included full images for several letters as these would have proved too difficult to read online. Working with images When studying the photographs and postcards in the collection, it is helpful to explore the idea that they were produced to provide a particular message.

Courtesy of Philip Orr Served with:. letters from the trenches ' A fresh and moving insight into the hearts and minds of people at war ' SianPrice, author of the best-selling 'If You're Reading This ' ' Jacqueline Wadsworth brings us closer to the men and women who endured those four terrible years ' Peter Doyle, military historian and WW1 author.

First World War centenary: Letters from the trenches reveal horror faced by our boys

First World War centenary: Letters from the trenches reveal horror faced by our boys Letters home from the Western Front in the First World War gave a snapshot of the horrendous conditions.

Letters To Loved Ones. Amanda Mason and Ellen Parton. Thursday 4 January Soldiers wrote letters in spare moments, sometimes from front line trenches or in the calmer surroundings behind the lines.

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Censorship dictated what servicemen were permitted to disclose in their letters. However, in practice, men often found ways to impart. A lertter from the trenches; A lertter from the trenches. By admin In Essay Samples On March 27, Golly Fredrick, it has been a Long time since I have written to you!

I am currently located around the Bapaume ridge. How has it been going over there lately? Is Lisa still in. Jan 13,  · A lertter from the trenches - Words To my Brother Fredrick, Oct, 31st Golly Fredrick, it has been a Long time since I have written to you I.

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A lertter from the trenches
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